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We know how important it is to keep track of your marketing activities. That’s why we offer statistics for your ‘Pay with a Tweet’ campaigns. You can see traffic details, impressopns, clicks, shares and referral traffic. In addition we provice geo data for your campaign, down to the city level. The data is updated daily and can be accessed via our campaign dashboard.

White Label

Aside from the campaign button, the share process is the most important aspect, when users interact with your campaign. We understand that you, as a Business customer, want to reflect your brand and corporate identity as part of the process. Therefore you can setup the whole sharing process in your own CI. To enable maximum branding of the sharing process you can upload any image as you logo and background iamge. You can embed any image as a background image and logo, which enables you maximum branding of the dialog. . In addition you can also adjust the texts to fit the content you are promoting.

Customize Buttons

Make your ‘Pay with a Tweet’ Campaign all about your brand. Customize every aspect of your campaign button to fit your website and brand. You can adjust: Button-Text, Text-Color, Background-Color, Font-Type, Border-Radius, Height & Width or even to add a whole background-image.

No Advertisements

The free version of ‘Pay with a Tweet’ comes with advertisements within the process. As many professionals do not want third party ads to interfere with their campaign, we offer the possibility to use ‘Pay with a Tweet’ without ads. The Business version comes with this feature.

Verified Users

Security is of the utmost importance when handling monetary content. We deliver unique, anonymous user parameters that enable you to make sure which user has paid and does not get access to your content more than once. Unless you want him to. In addition you can pass parameters to us, which we send back to you after the payment process.

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API Support

Our API is a simple REST – oriented JSON–API. It allows for basic endpoint such as viewing all your campaigns, the payments that have been completed for specific campaigns, as well as a complete list of users that have paid. You can even mark users as redeemed once they used your voucher. For more information check out our API documentation.

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